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Special Interest Archived Programs

      Program Guest - Topic

Rita Stec, MD Measles Listen
Security - Dan Wilson Listen Save
RWR A Tribute To Jerry Vale And His Music Listen
Tony Orlando - Christian Entertainer Listen
Dr. Chuck Missler October 2013 Listen Save
Pastor Gary Randall host of Straight Talk - About Faith, Freedom, and Family Listen Save
Larry Pratt - Government Attempts To Violate The Second Amendment Listen Save
What Is Business Talks with Tom McArthur and Kent Allen Listen Save
White Christmas At 70 with Tom McArthur Listen Save
Katherine Albrecht - What You Need To Know About Google Listen Save
Katherine Albrecht - Personal Advice Regarding Breast Cancer Listen Save
Steven Maggi - Media & The First Amendment Listen Save
Irvin Baxter - National Defense Appropriations Act Problems Listen Save
Joyce Riley - Joyce Shares Her Exposure Of Health Care Problems Listen Save
Dr. Rita J. Stec M.D. - 2010 Health & Lifestyle Decisions Listen Save
Dr. Edwin Berry PhD  - Global Warming Listen Save
Dr. Chuck Missler  -  Are We Headed For A Socialist America?  Listen Save
Rita Stec, MD  -  Program 1 - What Should We Eat?  Listen Save
Sally Pipes  -  Who Should Pay For Health Care  Listen Save
Tom DeWeese  Listen Save
John McManus  -  America's Economic Meltdown  Listen Save
Chris  -  How Solid Are Our Local Banks? Listen Save
John  -  Lending Practices By Major Banks Listen Save
Gordon Whitey Mitchell - Hackensack To Hollywood - Part 1 Listen Save
Meet Corliss Archer - Janet Waldo Listen  
The Gunsmoke Announcer - George Walsh Listen  
The North American Union Is Coming - Sam Antonio Listen Save
How Does Congress Really Work?  George Nethercutt # 1 Listen Save
Who Was Kathryn Kuhlman? - Roberts Liardon - August 25, 2007 Listen Save
Jim Gilchrist - How serious is the Illegal Immigration Problem? Listen Save
Jackson Beck - Famous Network Radio Actor and Announcer Listen  Save
John Diggs, MD - Medical Implications of Homosexuality Listen Save
Jerry Vale - Famous Columbia Recording Star Listen Save
Keith Trantow - Local boy makes good Listen Save
Harry Von Zell - Famous Network Radio Announcer Listen Save
Rich Little - The Man of Many Voices Listen Save